Atlantic Group & Associates

DataPort Internet Campus – Prince William County, Virginia

U.S. Data Center

US DataPort’s “Internet Campus” in Prince William County was designed to house, connect, and protect data networking systems.  This will be the nation’s largest purpose-built, multi-data center facility.  The campus will be located on a 189-acre parcel in Gainesville, Virginia, part of the mixed-use Virginia Gateway project.  The completed campus—up to 3.75 million square feet—will contain 10 to 20 data center buildings, interconnected by a fiber optic network.  Each data center will range from 50,000 to over 250,000 square feet.  Uses at the Internet Campus will include Internet data centers, telecommunications carriers for corporate users and a Critical Reliable Energy Center (CREC). The buildings will primarily house computer and telecommunications switching equipment and at full build-out, the on-site data centers will employ about 2,200 workers.

The Atlantic Group & Associates, Inc. provided Due Diligence studies for the real estate transactions, a master plan for the campus and the stand-alone energy center, and the engineering plans and studies for site designs.  The Atlantic Group assisted in the design of the site and the infrastructure associated with the distribution systems for both the on-site Critical Reliable Energy Center, which includes a combined-cycle, chilled water plant to meet the cooling needs of the data center facilities, and the extensive utility services required from the off-site utility systems.  Electricity generated by the gas and steam turbine generators will power electric driven chillers in the chilled water plant. Chilled water from the plant will be pumped through a campus utility spine for circulation to buildings on the site.  The chiller plant will be capable of producing approximately 80,000 tons of refrigeration.

Services provided included topographic and utility surveys, coordination and stakeout of the Phase I geotechnical borings, assessment of the campus stormwater management design drawings, provided modifications to the property lines based on critical site components and provided engineering services for the proposed Carrier Ductbank system across the US DataPort Campus to connect multiple network services.